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Hurricane Storm Damage Insurance Claim

Texas Hurricane Storm Damage Insurance Claim Info

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Many roofs get damaged due to the high sustained winds and debris landing on them. Sometimes the damage can be easily seen, however, many times there is damage to shingles that the eye cannot see. Sometimes during a storm with high sustained winds, shingle will become loose or damaged and need to be replaced. Many times, this can be overlooked by an adjuster and during the next high wind storm, when water begins to leak and cause serious damage like rotted wood or mold, the insurance company will refuse to pay because it was not repaired or you did not mitigate the damage, they will say. Therefore it is important that you have us do a thorough inspection or if you’ve already had an adjuster inspect your roof. We will offer to come over to your roof and re-inspect your roof at no charge. Give us a call at (956) 630-0003 or fill out form below to setup an appointment.

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